Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 15, 2018

  1. Plan to fast from both breakfast and lunch on this day. 
    • Make sure to stay hydrated with water and juice. 
    • Engage in positive conversation (or do a personal study), regarding the civil rights movement, during your normal breakfast and lunch times.
  2. Host or Co-Host a potluck for the evening of January 16, 2017. Invite, invite, invite!
    • Small group or large, whatever is best for you, your family, and home. 
    • Be intentional, think of those who would benefit from this evening, from friendship, good conversation, etc...
  3. Share the video and the idea with as many as you can everyday until January 15, 2018!



Quick resource on Fasting.

  • (For those pregnant, breastfeeding, or have conditions such as anemia, consult your physician before attempting to fast).

Helpful resource to engage with during your normal breakfast and lunch time.

"I Have A Dream" Speech (pdf/audio)

"Beyond Vietnam - A Time to Break Silence" (YouTube Audio)

Other important works by King.