Creating, Sharing, and Participating In a Better Narrative 

Smalltown Society is a community of artists and advocates from diverse backgrounds coming together to engage in the stories of human struggle for meaning and justice. 

Come join the song!

Creating, Sharing, and Participating in…through the work of…



We engage the artist by fostering a community that inspires them to use their medium in order to highlight and share redemptive stories within their neighborhoods.

  • We provide a space that highlights, as well as nurtures, local artists.


We engage the advocate by fostering a community that inspires both the creation and preservation of equitable and just rhythms within their neighborhoods.

We stand with the underprivileged and undervalued by giving space to share their experience, helping to cultivate their gifts, and working together toward a just community.


We create environments that inspire and invite all within the community to help cultivate a common vision, a better societal narrative, and a robust philosophical foundation.

  • We provide a space that invites the community to engage in the work of: local economics; sustainable agriculture; environmental, ethnic, educational, and economic justice; work and rest; among other societal rhythms that draw individuals toward cooperation.
  • To cultivate the callings of individuals is to listen and care for their deepest needs and to help foster their deepest passions. This is not just the work of one person, but rather the whole community. We seek to raise a community of leaders, who will faithfully lead from their strengths, understand their fallibility and dependency on others, and value both weakness and mystery as integral parts of our humanity.
  • We exist to assist, our purpose is to support and build upon the gifts and strengths already present in individuals and their neighbors. 
  • We provide space that encourages reconciliation and dialogue across social barriers.
  • Our community is a missional community. Our hearts are set on experiencing the narrative of beauty and justice happening in our neighborhoods, to join in that story, thereby continuing to work toward the restoration of relationships, culture, and land.

We gather monthly to eat together, share stories, and to highlight the work happening in us, through us, and around us.



Ethnically and Culturally diverse

Solidarity and Accompaniment

Local influence w/ a global perspective


Smalltown Society is a community of artists and innovators passionate about telling great stories with their art and lives. We aspire to leave a footprint in which hope is offered, burdens lifted, awareness raised, and dialogue encouraged.