What Smalltown Means to Me.

The world is abuzz with the idea that we are being brought closer together through technology. Yet, how many of us are facedown in our electronic devices physically isolated, while we swipe and click for likes, hoping to connect with some sense of community? Smalltown Society is becoming a real social switchboard.

Like many, I stumbled upon the space after finishing up grocery shopping next door. I saw a hot band playing to what looked like a private party in the space vacated by a former business. As I peered in the window, people inside motioned for me to come in. Unsure, but curious, I crossed the threshold, set down my grocery bags, and stepped into place where stories are shared, memories are made, and people are connected.

I have seen music, art, ideas, and work all be shared in the space Smalltown Society has built.  In a suburban setting where it is too easy to become isolated by busy work and family life, it is a portal to the possible.  Just by being right in our midst, it has begun to grow a crossroads of personal and community connections. In the year it has been here, it has created many opportunities for accidental discoveries and chance meetings that found friendship, and foster new ideas. Here's to many more years!

- Matt Turner (Community advocate and Liaison for County Supervisor Nate Miley)