Artist Highlight: Fego Navarro

Fego Navarro is a Salvadorian American rapper/actor from San Francisco Ca. Fego’s musical journey in Hip Hop began in his teen years at church. After church service, he would get together with his friends and kick freestyle raps outside the temple. This developed into a passion for writing his own songs and attending local open mics to showcase his talent. At home his mother played a variety of music ranging from Cumbia to Soulful American oldies. This gave Fego an appreciation for all types of music. Where as Fego’s father a militant man who in the 1980s joined the FMLN, to fight in the civil war which has left a long lasting impact on his  home country of El Salvador which after effects can be seen to this day.The joy of family and the pain of war can be witnessed within Fego’s music. 
In 2013 Fego was featured on a song titled “them days” by an artist named Nate. It premiered on MTV U and Snoop Dogg also featured it on his online show “Underground Heat” where it wast number #1 in 2013. 
One of Fego’s many talents cast him in a film titled “Sin Padre” Directed by Jay Francisco Lopez. It went on to win the audience award for the San Francisco Latino Film Festival. Fego is currently a member of the artist collective lyrical Opposition, which centers its efforts on supporting the elements of Hip-Hop in San Francisco for all ages. 
Fego’s most recent projects include  a music project titled “Heart of Man” which is available on all music platforms and streaming services. As well as promoting a second film “Love Cecy” which recently premiered at the New York Latino Film Festival presented by HBO.