What Smalltown Means to Me.

Ever since I was introduced to Smalltown I feel like I had encouraging support. I never thought I would display any of my artwork for people to see since I've always been shy to do so. I'm thankful for The Space and the opportunity it's given me to share within my community. It's been inspiring to see the variety of artists that have come in to share their music or art. I appreciate the inclusive nature of the events as well. I have had more chances to talk to people I normally wouldn't talk with. There have been really meaningful conversations taking place that involve the community and us as human beings. It's important to keep those conversations alive so solutions can arise and change can occur. Paul and Cathy Keim have given so much of themselves to others and they do it out of love and purpose. I think all involved owe them a huge thank you for being the catalysts' for this community space.

- Cia Gould (Photographer, Smalltown Artist)