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Gandhi's Fast for Peace

On January 12, 1948, Mohandas Gandhi began his last successful fast in New Delhi to convince Hindus and Muslims in the city to work towards peace. Six days later, convinced that harmony was achieved, he ended the fast. (Excerpt from: Common Prayer)

Community Rhythms Praxis (Ways to honor this day):

  1. Take the weekend to read about Mahatma Gandhi's life.

  2. Watch the Movie Gandhi

  3. Find ways to engage with those who think or believe differently than you in a positive way (Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, atheist, opposing political philosophy, etc)

    • Write an email with a desire to converse with, visit, or celebrate with, a local faith community.

    • Connect with your local interfaith community and ask how you might listen better, encourage them, or join in their work.

  4. Experiment with fasting:

    • Take a weekend off from social media, read resources regarding the life and work of Gandhi.

    • Choose a plant-based diet from Friday through Sunday.

  5. Wage Peace. Give more. Question your motives. Slow down. Pay attention to the needs around you. Be gracious with others. Be gracious with yourself. Speak kindly of others. Lay aside judgement.


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