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Black Friday tells a bad story. What if we as a society told a better one? What if instead of measuring the success of a people based off economic gain, we measured it by integrity, kindness, generosity, and charity? What if we could reverse the tide of consumerism and the lie of material discontentment and instead create a weekend that focused on who we have not what we don't possess? What if the fourth Friday in November became the response from a grateful people not the antithesis?

Will you help write this story?

Practical Tips on What to Do Friday November 24, 2017

1. Spend the day with your family
2. Go to the park
3. Have a leftover party with friends, family, neighbors
4. Shut down your business for the day and give employees the day off
5. If you have to work, be a hard worker, kind, and helpful
6. Call or write a letter to someone you are grateful for
7. Find ways to honor Native American culture:

8. Bake for your neighbors
9. Visit a homeless shelter, soup kitchen
10. Take your leftovers to the street and share a meal with those who are homeless
11. Explore your town or city, and visit spots you’ve never been to before
12. Smile at every person you meet
13. Be on the look out for ways to offer help to people throughout the day
14. Take a deep breath...and worry less. Tomorrow will come, take a break from worrying today.