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Get Uncomfortable

"The silence accommodated the trauma. Kept its company and swaddled the madness. Masked all of the ugly, concealed the raw wounds that proceeded to bleed secretly. It just sat there. Did nothing. Told no one. Ashamed. As the depression deepened and the misery fermented. And all the while, that fucking phoney smile, just wouldn't go away."
- Nicia De'Lovely

GET UNCOMFORTABLE is the ugliest truth. It is a theatrical provocation to evoke conversation; conversations of helping and healing because we are too silent in our distress. This poetic performance will confront our demons, in order to comfort our angels.

They say that what's done in the dark will eventually reveal in the light, but we've got to stop protecting the evils kept from sight. Wounds will never heal if left untreated. Wounds will never heal if constantly aggravated. Wounds will never heal when wrapped in soiled linens. Wounds will never heal when passed on like viruses, slowly festering like fermenting diseases, wordless yet so loud. The obvious. Pain. Hurt. Conditioning. Abandonment. Discrimination. Anger. Hatred. Abuse. Oppression. Depression. Emotion... Less. Sigh... Lence. Vile... Lence. Out- of- Sight, Out- of- Mind... Less. WE'VE GOT TO DO BETTER THAN THIS!

We are survivors of abuse, thrivers of the struggle, advocates of fairness, promoting voice and muscle. And this is our time, to share our struggle, to heal our wounds, and those of others. Aggressively screaming, "WE ARE BREAKING THE SILENCE OF ABUSE, HUMILIATION, DISCRIMINATION AND EXPLOITATION!!!"

Earlier Event: April 26
Later Event: April 29
The Book of Eli