A Song Called Liberty

Looking for freedom, Looking for home but we’re lost
Looking for answers,
But our fear of dying stops us from bearing the cost
We want our free will, we want our rights
But something or someone has turned off the lights
Can we confess that this is not liberty?
We are bound to religion, bound to deny,
Bound to our egos, oh it’s such a lie
Brothers and sisters this is not liberty

Captive to power, Captive to pride but we’re scared
We carry our masks, to hide all our weakness, resulting in visions impaired
Independence is fleeting choice is on trial,
If you’re not at fault oh you’re in denial
We must resign: this is not liberty
Our hearts always beating, the clock never slows
We share in a burden, we carry this load
We have to declare this is NOT liberty

We’ll kill for opinions,
Slaughter to preserve our wealth
We’ll die for our causes
But each inch of progress we struggle to die to ourselves
We can’t say we’re wrong but each time we do
There’s a light in the tunnel for me and for you
This glimmer we witness is the fragrance of liberty
Some say there’s freedom in law, others freedom in chaos
But soon we’ll discover that both have betrayed us
Their treason can lead us all to liberty

There’s strength in our weakness,
No need to despair
Though confidence passes,
So does our fear
We don’t have all answers,
We won’t own it all
There are not enough boxes, and no truth too small
All Generations come join our song, LIBERTY...

There’s a place where the weak
The weary and burdened find rest
A cross to be carried, pride to be buried, exposing the hole in our chest
There’s a hand that’s outstretched in the mud and the mire
Reach out and grab it then come join the choir
Drop all your nets, come join the song liberty
The misplaced find Justice, mercy, compassion and love
A home for the broken, Hope for the helpless, the battle that’s already won
While our cisterns were damaged, and all hope seemed lost
He carried our burdens and he bore the cost
And through his sorrow we can know liberty
No longer shackled to judgment or bound to our fears,
We rejoice in our trials, as the veil disappears
It is for freedom that he gave us all liberty!!

He says:
Blessed are the poor,
For theirs is the kingdom of God
Blessed are the mourners for they will find comfort, their relief is already bought Blessed are the meek for they will inherit
Let those who are hungry and thirsty declare it
They will be filled with justice and liberty
Blessed are those who give mercy for they shall receive
The pure and the peaceful, for God they shall see,
Though loathed and detested, this is our liberty

He’s strong through our weakness
His Love is humble and raw
In Him there is no oppression,
No evil, darkness, nor flaw
While our plans are fleeting,
His stand for all time
His yoke is so simple, his burden is kind...
Though we lack understanding, have much we don’t know
The chorus repeating: to whom else would we go?
All generations come join His song: Liberty!!

There’s a table prepared
For all who are hungry, it’s free
No one’s excluded no matter your label or history
Like a beggar I’ve come with this bread I have found
Not having all answers but no longer bound
You who are loved, this is our liberty...


© 2015 Smalltown Society