Stand Fast

Mud in my eyes
For the first time
I can see it
Freedom and love
Sweeping me under its wave
A life set on fire
And a heart for the things that are worthy
The Wretched me gone
Throwin’ em into the grave

The battle lines drawn
Face to face with
This pure darkness
Hollow red eyes
Staring straight into to my soul
Hatred in hand
Oppression flows through its veins
A vicious black heart
Beats from the depths of Sheol

Though I am weak, I will stand fast
This life that’s been saved,
Won’t be the last
Oh death! Bring what you will
In the midst of Your storm
I remain still

Wrapped up in chains
With a tongue to accuse
Holds the stain of my sins, chants the law to confuse
With a drive to devour
He rushes to kill
Though beaten and bruised, by my faith I am still
He wields the curse
Of sickness and pain
Though I’m covered in blood, in this hope I remain:
No longer his captive
On this truth I dwell
He knows his name is defeated, his future is hell!!!


© 2015 Smalltown Society