Artist Highlight: Cherie Zulim

Chérie is a east Bay Area native creative passionate about using her art to make a difference in her community and beyond. "I love that I can put whatever message I want into a piece without needing to say a word. Art is so powerful, a language in its own and available to reach anyone. Whether I'm sketching a part of my neighborhood where I grew up or doing a mixed media piece to evoke emotion on a social issue I love how each piece speaks for and to me and is capable of so much meaning. And to be able to share it with people is so rewarding. Each collage is a story, taking hours or even days to piece together, with many pieces holding symbolism for what I'm trying to say. Each sketch of a place is a memory of where I grew up and came to be the person I am today. I want people to be happy of where they come from, realize their significance in this world and aware of where we can allow art to take us."