The Forgotten

I am the working poor, thankful for the food stamps and neighborhood pantries that help me feed my family.

I am the people of Flint, drinking poisoned water; and the Standing Rock Sioux fighting for my tribal resources.

I am the immigrant, working hard to build my life; the refugee seeking asylum; and the LGBTQI+ yearning for equality.

I am the citizen who’s taking shelter in a tent city that will be dismantled during the next big storm.

I am the sick child, born with a preexisting condition; and the addict suffering from the opioid epidemic.

I am the prisoner, a victim of the war on drugs; and the wrongly convicted on death row.

I was hungry so you subsidized the corn syrup that makes me sick.

I was thirsty but you benefitted by polluting rather than protecting the land.

I was a stranger so you created a ban and dreamed of a wall.

I was naked and homeless so you stripped away my human dignity.

I was sick but you said, “Repeal and Replace!”

I was in prison and you profited.

"When did we not help you? We’re pro-life!... ‘all lives matter!!!"


Photo by Paco S