Songs About Dads

I had this idea awhile back: Why not write about songs that are about or refer to dads? That
could be fun, right?

I mean, I’m a Dad, and I like songs, and I like overthinking things and, in particular,
overthinking songs, and wanting to talk about songs, and also I like being a Dad and thinking
about how to be a good Dad and also I love writing so then I thought, “Well shit, let’s put ‘em
all together!”

So I did.

I’m excited about this. I want to look at lyrics to songs at that directly or indirectly address the
artists views of being a father or their father. What can we appreciate from these songs? What
can we learn? What silly jokes and pop culture references can be made?

So, if you’re interested, here we go! We’re going to go through a lot of fun stuff here, and some
sad stuff, and some heavy stuff and I think it’s going to get really interesting.

Here are some thoughts about this project in no particular order:

1. What kind of songs? It’ll mostly be punk or hip-hop. Maybe some indie or alternative. I
have a folk song in mind. Probably no country (well, maybe some Johnny Cash...). I think
it makes sense to do songs that I have a connection with so the blogs will be a little more
personal and heartfelt and thus, hopefully, interesting. Honestly, some of the songs here
will probably not be ones you’re familiar with, and that’s ok, I’m going to keep that in mind
as I write. The goal is for the subject matter to keep it interesting. I’ll include relevant links
as well.

2. Will I have to like the song to read the blog? Nope! I’m going to write them in a way
that’s fun to read and makes sense even if you are not familiar with the song, (say, for
whatever reason, you’re not interested in listening to someone screaming over loud

3. Can I request a song? I’d be honored if you did! I’d love feedback as well. I’ll consider
any thing you suggest, but no promises! If I don’t personally connect with the song or find
something I can address in it, it probably won’t work.

4. Wait, are you even a Dad? I am! I’ve got a 10 year old boy and an 8 year old girl and
they’re amazing and they love hip-hop more than punk, but the other day they told my wife
they love Pentatonix and we honestly feel like we’ve failed as parents.

5. What about songs about Moms? Just like I don’t think John Mayer is qualified to address
Mothers and Daughters on his song, “Daughters”, I also don’t think I’m qualified to address
mothering on this blog. What I think would be even better is if some other fun, talented
Mom wanted to do a similar blog about Moms.

6. Hey! I know! What about “Cats in the Cradle”?!!??!!??!!!!! No. I mean, it’s an
incredible gut punch of a song, but it’s kind of clear what it’s all about, isn’t it? It’s a little
too well known. There’s just not much more to say about it that it doesn’t say itself or that
hasn’t been said. Though, did you know Ugly Kid Joe covered it? And it’s not bad?
Anyway, there you go: Everything I planned on saying on “Cats in the Cradle”

Okay! I hope you’ll join me on this! Maybe we can all learn something about Dads!