Smalltown Open Studio was born out of a tangible need for a third space to engage in art as a community.

We hosted our first open studio event in November of 2017 and created a space to engage with, honor, and encourage artists. This event was also inspired by the reality that access to studio space in the Bay Area has become a commodity. Most shared studio time is in exchange for something, be it work, money or time. Furthermore the artist typically has to travel far outside of their hometown while bringing supplies with them. People become burdened by their art in their pursuits to explore and express their creativity. We hope to create a shared environment in which artists can learn from one another in their techniques and stories. So, once a month, we will open our door to artists for a four hour period where they can bring their art and supplies and simply create together in a beautiful environment.

One Saturday a month, Smalltown opens THE SPACE for an Open Studio time. 

Come connect with Eden Area artists in a shared studio environment. Bring your art and WORK. 

If we have learned anything from our community of artists it is the overwhelming passion for their work and now we want to experience that with you. 

Grab some grub at trader joe’s, set up your slice of the space, meet new people, pick out a record, and chill with us for a few hours as we create in a laid back yet intentional environment. 

As we won’t have any supplies we trust you will bring everything you need (within reason) for whatever piece you are working on. Sketch artists, writers, photographers, florists, knitters, thumb tack artists, etc. all are welcome. 

Musicians? Hit us up.

Check out our SCHEDULE for all Open Studio Dates.