Children of the Atomic Age

Light up your torches
Join our rebellion, it’s time
March to our anthem
Choose your own reason & rhyme
Bring your obsessions
All that consumes you, your life
 ‘La Dolce Vita’ ignite

Look on the inside
See all that makes you feel whole
Power, possessions,
Your money, acceptance, your soul
Fall into order
See your desires fulfilled
There’s ‘walls of purpose’ to build

To slave
To make it our own
Join the parade
Together alone
We slave
To be known
Be what you’ve made
Join the parade!

Our fettered souls.
Overwhelmed and enslaved by the things that we value and hold.
We drown.
It’s all too much.
Too little in genuine meaning, we’re numb to its touch.
Let go.
Of the things we learn.
We lift up one burden to carry ‘the great’ in return
No surrender...we cope.
Holding on to the things that we want till it strangles our hope.
We live???



© 2015 Smalltown Society