We are people striving to survive
With different motives to keep ourselves alive
With shared interests we villianize the rest
We try and tell ourselves it all for the best

We’re distracted by always being right
Our eyes too sensitive to stare into the light
Wealth and ego won’t let us pass the test:
Life over death or stuff over breath?

The grass is dry here
The blood stains on our hearts
Our guns and ammunition
Won’t go where we depart

Under liberty we prop up all that’s wrong
We sit, listen, and then we sing along
Façade of action complacency by name
We fight and slaughter with much less to proclaim

Would you feed the child in the street?
Would clothe the forgotten and the beat?
Would you stand up and leave behind your pride?
Or does your freedom let you run and hide?

This war must find its end
Our choice be resolute
Will we stand down
And drink the bitter root

Love your neighbor, serve him as your own
Fight desires that keep us all alone
Keep on killing, looking to devour
Understand me, We won’t be here no more
Understand me, We won’t be here no more

© 2015 Smalltown Society